• Breaking News: In Front of Your Fireplace Voted Best Place to Spend Election Night
    The 2012 presidential election is drawing to a close and it’s a tight race. Whether you enjoy the excitement of the elections, or want to get as far away as possible, there may be no better place to spend Tuesday evening than in the comfort of your home with a cozy fire.

    We asked a few hearth experts at Heatilator what they think. Naturally they are fans, and gave us the “Top 5” reasons why watching the election results in front of your fireplace is the best place to be…

    1. No debate needed. Members from all political parties agree – Fireplaces are awesome.
    2. Decompress from election stress. Bring the primal, soul-soothing effects of a crackling fire to election night and say “so long!” to any pent-up pressure from the polls.
    3. Forget the budget sheet; this decision doesn’t call for reform. Enjoy your gas fireplace throughout the whole evening for under a 1 dollar. Based on national averages, a gas fireplace consuming 27,000 BTUs/hr typically cost less than 20 cents/hr to enjoy.
    4. No long-term commitments here. Enjoy your fireplace with the flip of a switch. And when you’ve had enough for one night, turn it off just as easily.
    5. If the election doesn’t make you feel warm and cozy, the fireplace will!

    The votes are in – so go ahead and reward yourself for enduring months of pre-election rhetoric with a relaxing evening in front of the fire. When the polls close and all the votes have been tallied, you can look back at election night of 2012 with fond memories. Enjoy the fire!


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