Keep Your Family Safe this Holiday Season

Seasonal home décor for the holidays and warm fires in the Heatilator are meant for each other – just so long as they keep their distance! Be smart about fire safety this season, especially if you have a holiday tree in the same room as your hearth. The U.S. Fire Administration says that while indoor tree fires aren’t common, when they do happen, they’re serious. Here are tips for keeping your home safe.

Tree Placement

When choosing that perfect spot for your holiday tree, make sure there’s a lot of space between it and your fireplace. It doesn’t matter if your hearth burns gas, wood or pellets – it makes fire, so keep the tree a safe distance away.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care – No!

As tempting as it might be, don’t hang stockings anywhere near the hearth. They are flammable. Period.

Artificial tree? Choose it carefully.

When buying an artificial tree, make sure it is rated fire resistant. All types of trees will burn if exposed to flames, but trees that are manufactured in this manner will resist fire and extinguish faster than those that are not fire resistant.

Water – more please!

If you’ve chosen a live holiday tree for your home, be sure to water it every day. Home heat really dries trees out fast, and they can become fire hazards. Keeping the water reservoir full at all times will not only keep your tree hydrated, but happier too. And everyone loves a happy tree!

Waste – Not in the Hearth!

Don’t ever burn wrapping paper or cardboard boxes in any kind of hearth. The paper materials can escalate out of control and cause a flash fire.

For more information about preventing holiday tree fires, visit the U.S. Fire Administration’s website here.

From all of us at Heatilator, enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!

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