Our Sustainability Promise

How we act today protects how we live tomorrow. Tomorrow should be cleaner, safer, and more responsible than yesterday. Because sustainability does not have an endpoint, we are constantly improving our processes to better deliver high-quality products while minimizing environmental impact.

Hearth Industry Innovators

Hearth & Home Technologies® (HHT), Heatilator’s parent company, was proud to participate in CBS News’ Innovation and Disruption Leaders series, where we talked about our dedication to innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the hearth industry. We continue to actively innovate to adapt to a changing world and a desire for modernized, sustainably-made fire features. With a dedicated focus on integrating sustainable initiatives into every aspect of our business—from product conception to consumer use—HHT is evolving hearth products, and hearth manufacturing, for a new age. Watch the short video, featuring interviews with key HHT leaders, here.

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Innovating Responsible Solutions

Heatilator is one of the most widely recognized names in fireplaces. We strive to be recognized for our commitment to the environment too. That's why we are leading the charge to develop products and manufacturing practices that leave a positive imprint on the planet.

Our Sustainable Journey

Our goal is to reduce energy intensity

Innovative product solutions

Our goal is zero waste to landfill by 2030

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Energy Conservation

Our goal is to reduce energy intensity by 50% by 2035. Our 2022 savings amounts to 4,395,000 kwh, or the power of 413 average American homes.

Here's how we did it:

  • Installed LED lighting throughout HHT manufacturing buildings.
  • Installed new energy-efficient air compressors and modifications.
  • Implemented air leak minimization program throughout HHT manufacturing buildings.
  • Invested in equipment upgrades.

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Waste Diversion

Our goal is zero waste to landfill by 2030 in all our plants. By integrating new reclamation methods, including wood recycling and refractory diversion in all our facilities, we are on track to reach that goal.

Innovative Product Solutions

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Intermittent Pilot Ignition

98% of our gas fireplaces are manufactured with intermittent pilot ignition (IPI). The IPI feature means you do not need a traditional standing (always on) pilot in your gas fireplace. The pilot lights when you turn on your fireplace, and goes out when you turn your unit off, saving money and fuel and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as compared to a standing pilot ignition system.

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Heat Management

Our heat management solutions give you flexibility to heat your home the way it works for you. If you find yourself in a room often, consider turning down your furnace while you enjoy the warmth of your fireplace. Want to redirect the heat to another room? You can do so!

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All of our products meet or exceed industry regulations. With efficiencies as high as 99.9%, many of our products also mitigate waste and maximize energy, no matter which fuel option you choose.

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Electric Fireplaces

Electric units offer the charm of a fireplace, are affordable to operate, and their use does not negatively impact air quality. With no energy lost and no fumes, emissions, or pollutants, they are an optimal choice for an eco-conscious homeowner desiring a versatile, attractive hearth appliance which can be operated with or without heat.

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Where to Buy

Connect with a dealer near you to see the products firsthand or ask about specific pricing and details.