IntelliFire Touch Controls

IntelliFire Touch is our most advanced intermittent-pilot ignition system, which makes operating your fireplace simple, smart and safe.

Select from the IntelliFire app, touchscreen remote control or wireless wall switch for a solution that fits your lifestyle.

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IntelliFire App

The IntelliFire app provides smart control for the way you live. Control your fire from anywhere so a cozy environment greets you when you walk in the door. You can even control your fireplace with the sound of your voice!

To sync your fireplace with the app, installation of the IntelliFire WiFi Module is required. To find out if your fireplace is compatible or to schedule an appointment for module installation, please contact your local Heatilator dealer. Then, head to the app store on your mobile device and search for “IntelliFire.” For app setup help and smart-home syncing tips, start with our IntelliFire App Setup & Help Videos.

IntelliFire app Brochure

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RC400 Touchscreen Remote Control

Gone are the days of stacking wood and blowing on newspaper to nurture a spark. With the RC400 remote control, you can control all the features of your fireplace, from flame height to fan speed, with a quick tap of your finger. Safety features include a child lock and timer mode, allowing enjoyment of your fireplace with total peace of mind.

The RC400 is available as a standard or optional control. To see if your fireplace is compatible, please contact your local Heatilator dealer.

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RC150 Wireless Wall Switch

With the flip of a switch, enjoy instant ambiance. It doesn’t get simpler than that! Installation of the RC150 battery-operated wall switch is a cinch, too, with no special wiring required. You can also stash the switch in a drawer if you’d prefer to leave your walls unadorned! Live in a cold climate? Turn on climate mode to reduce condensation on your fireplace glass.

The RC150 is available as an optional control. To see if your fireplace is compatible, please contact your local Heatilator dealer.
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Need Help?

Have you lost or broken your existing control? Your local Heatilator dealer will be happy to help get you a new one.

Do you need help getting your existing control to work? Our User Guides are full of helpful troubleshooting information.

IntelliFire app User Guide

IntelliFire app Quick Start Guide

RC400 Remote Control User Guide

RC150 Wireless Wall Switch User Guide