Gas Log Sets

If you desire a cleaner alternative but don’t wish to sacrifice the traditional, robust fire you love, turn to Heatilator gas logs. Our gas logs provide the same look of a traditional fireplace without the mess.


Heat & Glo Fireside Grand Oak Outdoor Log Set with bold live flames, true-to-life oak logs, and glowing embers.

Outdoor Fireside Grand Oak

Gas Log Set

With two burner types, discrete controls, and an unparalleled realistic appearance, the Outdoor Fireside Grand Oak log set creates the appearance of a wood burning fireplace without the additional hassle. This set was designed specifically to complement the Castlewood Outdoor wood fireplace model, and integrates our industry-leading technology to provide a powerful, multilevel fire.

Heat & Glo Fireside Grand Oak vented log set with bold flames, semi-charred oak replica logs and glowing embers.

Fireside Grand Oak

Gas Log Set

Specifically designed to fill larger fireplaces, this winner of the 2005 Vesta Award for Best Gas Log Set easily fills generous hearths. 11 authentic looking logs, molded from real oak timber (12 logs on three-tiered 30"), state-of-the-art, tiered burner system creates a multi-level fire. Hidden controls are easily accessible, won't detract from the fire's authenticity, and allow the log set to fit perfectly centered. Offers three types of burners: Matchlight (NG only), Safety Pilot, and IntelliFire. Burner sold separately.

Duzy 5 vent-free gas log set with vibrant flames and black background

Duzy Series

Gas Log Set

The Duzy gas log sets are an ideal way to bring warmth and comfort to your home. Their ceramic fiber design and included Natural Flame™ burner give off an inviting glow that adds a cozy accent to any room.

FSSupremeOak-A 001 BURNING

Fireside Supreme Oak See-Through

Gas Log Set

Convert your see-through fireplace to the ease of a gas log set. It looks great from either side and is attractive even when not burning. Switch on bold flames through charred logs and glowing embers for true enjoyment.

Heat & Glo Fireside Realwood Outdoor Gas Log Set with vivid flames, glowing embers, and authentic logs.

Outdoor Fireside Realwood

Gas Log Set

If you’re in search of an authentic looking log set that can easily handle the elements, the Outdoor Fireside Realwood gas log set is your perfect option.

Heat & Glo Campfire gas log set with live flames, glowing embers and drawn-open fire screen.


Gas Log Set

Recreates the natural look of a traditional campfire. Front log conceals and insulates the controls so that the log set can burn with fireplace doors closed. 18" and 24" sets have 10 fiber logs, 30” set has 11 fiber logs. Offers one type of burner: Remote Ready. Includes burner and hearth kit.

Heat & Glo Fireside Supreme Oak Gas Log Set with bold flames, 12 look-alike oak logs and charred ember bed.

Fireside Supreme Oak

Gas Log Set

Get the beautiful, authentic appearance of a mature and blazing fire with the 12 log Fireside Supreme Oak gas log set. Featuring either Remote-Ready Standing Pilot or Matchlight (NG only) burners, these realistic logs create ambiance unmatched by other hearth products.

Heat & Glo Fireside Realwood Gas Log Set with live flames and eight detailed logs.

Fireside Realwood

Gas Log Set

Get a spectacularly realistic appearance for an unheard of price with the Fireside Realwood gas log set. This model works with two burner types and features eight extremely detailed logs.