4 Reasons to Rave about the Rave

Like watching TV? Enjoy looking at a beautiful fire, too? Thanks to new updates to the Rave, you can have them both: same place, same time.
Rave About Rave Reason #1: TV and Fire, All in One Place

It’s a chilly Sunday afternoon, and everyone in your house is gathered around the TV to watch the game. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also be enjoying the warmth and ambience of a fire at the same time?

Heatilator’s popular Rave series allows you to do just that. With our new optional SmartWall TV kit, you can redirect warmth from your fireplace to the rest of your home, up to 20 feet away. A television can safely be mounted a mere twelve inches above the fireplace, with no mantel required. “This kit allows you to put heat where you need it, keep your TV safe, and enjoy fireside ambiance and entertainment, all in one place,” says Kathy Rogers, Heatilator brand director.

Rave About Rave Reason #2: Intuitive Controls

IntelliFire™ Touch is the most intuitive control you’ll find anywhere. This industry-leading advanced control is simple, smart and safe. You can even choose a touch screen remote control to turn the fireplace on or off and to control the optional accent lighting.

Rave About Rave Reason #3: See More, Enjoy More
Rave 32 Ebony Glass Illusion

The Rave has always provided the perfect contemporary design accent, with a long, mesmerizing ribbon of flame rising through eye-catching media. With the new, improved Rave, you can enjoy a larger viewing area in a unit that has managed to reduce its framing dimensions at the same time. “You’ll be using less space but getting more enjoyment from your fire,” Rogers says. (To learn more about installation details, click the Specifications tab on the product page.)

Rave about Rave Reason #4: Design options to suit your tastes

The new Rave offers modern face fronts in both 32- and 42-inch sizes. The clean face front offers a contemporary, sleek finish. The illusion front bows out into the room, giving a greater sense of dimension. And the inside of the fireplace offers options, too, with available LED accent lighting to complement the fire or create a standalone no-fire lighting ambiance. (Check out all the front, interior and media options by clicking the Features + Options tab on the product page.)

What hasn’t changed about Rave? It still offers a modern, linear style that fits with the contemporary design and décor of your home. With these new improvements, Rave is leading the marketplace for looks, value (the Rave starts at $2,468) and dependability. Interested in getting a quote? Connect with an authorized Heatilator dealer near you here.

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