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Ion Gas Fireplace

New modern home design products can be stunning – refined, luxurious, unique. Fireplaces are major focal points, so they go far to enhance spaces with a sophisticated look. If you like this idea, a contemporary-style fireplace from Heatilator is just the ticket.

While traditional-style fireplaces with beefy mantles and logs are still popular, a growing number of homeowners are adding sophistication to their homes by installing modern fireplaces. They provide the same warmth and coziness, but many are positioned much like a piece of art on the wall, with simplistic lines and new fire features. Location is also trending – no room is off limits to the ambiance and warmth of a modern-style fireplace! It’s not uncommon to see them in bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, as well as the family room or living room. And see-through fireplaces can bring warmth and style to two rooms at once!

Whatever your desires, Heatilator has a modern-style fireplace that will enhance the space – and you can tailor it for the look you want. Orientation, front style and color, media, flame size, reflective liners, and in some cases, mantels and LED backlighting, help create a look all your own.


Rather than the traditional logs found in many gas fireplaces, modern style fireplaces offer ceramic stones and glass crystals in various colors (check out the blue crystals!) – or a combination of layered media.

CD4236 MOD Simon Blue
CD4842 MOD Simon

Flames are the main attraction, so the length and height of your fireplace’s flame contribute greatly to its beauty. Many Heatilator modern style fireplaces are outfitted with technologies that enable end-to-end flames that spread across the entire firebox.

Crave48ST Illusion Amber Glass
Rave fireplace
Mantels and Surrounds

Many Heatilator modern-style fireplaces are available with mantels and stone surrounds – surfaces like marble, granite and slate, or cast surrounds. Mantels can be wood crafted with fine lines and distinctive styles, or cast for a stately appearance.

CD4236 MOD Simon Amber
Luna SL750TR

With all the options from Heatilator, you can create your own custom focal point in any room of your home – the bedroom, bath, living room or dining room. You might just want more than one fireplace!

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