There's a Fireplace for Every Room in the House

If you think fireplaces are only for the living room, think again.
Outdoor fireplace in hearth of split-face rock under vaulted beamed ceiling in attached patio.

Fireplaces aren’t just for family and living rooms. Innovative technologies and creative installation techniques make it possible to enjoy a fireplace in almost any room. Love cooking and entertaining in your kitchen? A fireplace will make the rooms more inviting. Enjoy soaking in a warm bath after a long day of work? Gazing at a fire will take the edge off!

We’re guessing you’ll warm up to all the possibilities…

SL350 Bedroom
Bring warmth and ambiance into your bedroom with a gas fireplace.
Tiara I Bedroom
Transform your bedroom into a comfortable haven with a gas fireplace or stove.
GDST3831 Bedroom
Separate your bedroom from your sitting room with a two-sided gas fireplace - enjoy it from both sides!
Gateway Bathroom
Turn your bathroom into an intimate escape with a gas fireplace that operates with a flip of a switch or remote control.
The kitchen is where families come together. Add light and warmth to your evening meals with a gas fireplace or stove.
Castile Kitchen
Kitchens and dining rooms are made more cozy and inviting with a fireplace or stove.
Escape I35 Game Room
Game rooms and bar areas are made complete by fire. It might even help your game.
Sitting rooms like this urban sanctuary are made interesting with fire to inspire.
Villawood Outdoor
Verandas offer an inviting and functional place for fires, even when it's raining!
Twilight II Outdoor
This indoor/outdoor fireplace can be enjoyed in the family room and the outdoor patio - at the same time!
Wood and gas-burning fireplaces bring the comforts of home to outdoor spaces.

Inspired? We thought so! See all the options here.

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