This Bestselling Fireplace Delivers on Air Quality, Too

Direct vent technology removes potentially harmful emissions while keeping energy costs down.
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Novus by Heatilator is the most sold gas fireplace in the industry. In fact, thousands of owners have a Novus installed in their homes each year.

Novus’ direct vent technology gives homeowners peace-of-mind about the air quality of their homes. And the fact that this technology makes a gas fireplace even more cost-efficient to operate is a “peace-of-wallet” benefit, too.

“The Heatilator brand is all about safety and dependability,” Kathy Rogers, director of brand marketing for Heatilator at Hearth & Home Technologies. “Its direct vent technology helps homeowners feel good about the way it blocks potentially harmful emissions from getting into their living area. Hearth & Home Technologies was at the forefront introducing direct vent technology, and we’re proud that it’s still serving consumers’ needs more than 25 years after it was launched.”

How does direct vent technology work? Let’s take a look at the three most common ways fireplaces works, and learn why direct vent offers a superior advantage:

  • Wood-Burning Fireplace: Many homeowners enjoy the smell of traditional wood-burning fireplace as well as the interaction it provides with the fire, however, large unsealed fireplaces can lead to inefficient heating, “pulling” pre-heated room air for combustion, thus creating a potential for drafts and possible introduction of CO emissions into living space when smoke spills back into the house.
  • B-Vent Gas Fireplace: Also unsealed to the home, these fireplaces use room air for combustion and also could create drafts.
  • Direct Vent Gas Fireplace: Completely sealed combustion system that takes outside air for combustion and exhausts it back outside so there is no interaction with the living space. No traditional chase or complicated installation is needed, and can be placed in any room of a home, including along inside walls. In addition to being the most cost-efficient type of fireplace to operate, it’s also incredibly convenient. It can be started with a flip of a switch or a remote control.

“With direct vent gas fireplaces and inserts, 100 percent of combustion exhaust and fumes are safely removed from your home,” Rogers says. “These sealed fireplaces provide optimal heat, energy conservation and clean, safe indoor air quality.”

“The homeowner has more control with direct vent,” Rogers says. “Many models allow you to control the height of the flame and select accent lighting. Adding heat management devices can allow you to move heat to other parts of the house or reduce heat in the area above the fireplace so you can safely place a television there.”

Still curious about direct vent technology? Head here for more information. To learn more about the entire line of Heatilator fireplaces, connect with a local dealer.

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