What Makes Heatilator the Best Fireplace Brand for Homebuilders

Homebuilders trust Heatilator and here’s why.
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The First Name in Fireplaces

When it comes to choosing a fireplace for your existing or new home, it’s wise to go with a brand that professional homebuilders trust. They install hundreds of fireplaces every year, so they know what brands deliver the best quality and reliability. For decades homebuilders have put their trust in Heatilator fireplaces, making Heatilator the household name for fireplaces all across America. Builders install Heatilator fireplaces because they know it’s the best fireplace brand, assuring their customers many years of comfort and reliability at a reasonable price. For this reason, Heatilator is often referred to as “the first name in fireplaces.”

Heatilator has been a leading producer of state-of-the-art fireplace products for nearly 90 years. The brand has transformed the fireplace industry several times by introducing the first factory-built, heat circulating fireplaces, followed by zero clearance fireplaces, allowing for flexible placement and installations that were never possible before. In recent years, key technologies like the IntelliFire™ Ignition System and power venting technology have made Heatilator fireplaces even more efficient, safe, and adaptable to any space.

The tradition of innovation and excellence is a time-honored legacy at Heatilator, built upon an unwavering commitment to value and dependability that’s simply unsurpassed in the industry. This is why Heatilator is the preferred brand among builders.

So, when considering what fireplace brand is right for your home, look no further than the fireplace brand trusted by builders for decades – Heatilator. Then you’ll want to ask yourself a few simple questions to determine what type of fireplace is right for you.

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