It’s almost Memorial Day! Here are ideas to make the most of it by hosting a patriotic party.  

Start the Summer with a Celebration Around Your Backyard Fireplace

Time flies every spring. All of a sudden, Memorial Day is right around the corner – the “unofficial” start of summer! What will you do with the extra day off? How about throwing a party in your backyard to kick off the summer season with a patriotic twist? After all, it is Memorial Day – a day set aside to honor those who have served our country.

Make it a BBQ
Everyone is craving barbecue this time of year, so embrace it! Fire up your grill and make them smile. Cooking on a grill makes it possible to prepare many types of foods simultaneously. For the kids, simple hot dogs cook up fast and they will love them. 

For the adults, consider serving kabobs – chicken and beef for the meat lovers, and vegetable kabobs for those who prefer no meat. They can be arranged and marinated in advance, so you have more time to enjoy your guests. Serve them on a big platter and your guests can mix and match. 

Simple sides of chips, potato salad and coleslaw scream “summer has started!” Fill coolers with a variety of beverages and your guests can help themselves. Remember to feed the kids first so their parents can enjoy your culinary skills without (as many) distractions!

Backyard Party: The Perfect Place to Kick Off the Summer Season!

Create Comfort Zones
A party is for socializing and catching up with friends and family, so create areas that encourage conversation. Dust off the picnic table(s) and cover them with red and white checkered table clothes. Place chairs and side tables in groups of four to six in shady spots in your yard.  

People naturally gravitate to the flames and warmth of an outdoor fireplace, so if you have one make it the focal point of your party and arrange various seating areas around it.  If it’s an open wood-burning fireplace, make sure to stock up on graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for s’mores! If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace, summer is the best time to install one. See all the options from traditional to modern here.

Castlewood outdoor fireplace

Choose a Theme
Give your party character! It’s Memorial Day, so decorate with red, white and blue colors. Greet your guests with a large American flag hung in a prominent place. Sprinkle smaller versions of American flags throughout your backyard, such as in planters, window boxes and in centerpieces on the tables. Cover the tables with red and white checkered table clothes and buy blue plastic cups and napkins to complete the three-color patriotic scheme. Presto! You have a Memorial Day themed party.

At Heatilator, we think there’s no better place than your own backyard to spend Memorial Day with those you love.

At Heatilator, we think there’s no better place than your own backyard to spend Memorial Day with those you love. We also think it’s a great place to take a staycation.

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