Trends & Transformations

Rave 36  with red accent lights

Mount Your TV Above the Rave Modern Gas Fireplace

Discover how Heatilator’s Rave linear fireplace lets you safely mount your TV 12 inches above your fireplace – without a mantel – thanks to Passive Heat™ management.

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5 Things to Ask Your Builder Before Picking a Floor Plan

Be sure to consider these questions before you choose the floor plan for your new home.

Pulte living room

Builder Spotlight: Pulte Group

Get acquainted with this long-standing Heatilator-installing builder.

white painted brick fireplace idea chic and vivid furniture set gloss finish hardwood floor system

Give Your Fireplace a Colorful Makeover with These Cheery Summer Hues

Dress up your hearth with a playful splash of paint.

Crave See-Through gas fireplace

What Makes Heatilator the Best Fireplace Brand for Homebuilders

Homebuilders trust Heatilator and here’s why.

Inside of a house with illustrations of the kitchen

The Best and Worst Home Upgrades for ROI

Some home upgrades will pay you back, and some won’t. 

Traditional gas fireplace with three-sided wood mantel surround is inset into white wall with subway tile.

Tips for Designing Around a Fireplace

Use our design tips to add your own personal style to your hearth.

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The Best Time to Plan Your Fireplace Installation

Frigid weather is expected to be the norm this winter according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

HNG woodFP Montana

Ideas to Make Your Backyard the Envy of Your Neighbors

Add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space with these upgrades.

ADA compliant bathroom

Benefits of Universal Design

If you’re building a new home or tearing into a remodel, give some thought to universal design.

Fireplace with power vent

Have Your Fire Wherever You’d Like!

Power Venting makes it possible to install a gas fireplace almost anywhere in the home. Here’s how…

Ion Gas Fireplace

Add Class to Your Home with a Modern Fireplace!

If you haven’t taken a close look at these fireplaces, you need to….

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Is Your Home Hearthless? Add a Gas Fireplace!

No fireplace in your house? It’s easier than you might think to add one!

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Back to the Basics: The Tiny House Movement

Many factors are contributing to the growing trend of downsizing significantly and living more simply.

Alt: Heat & Glo SlimLine SL-7X Gas Fireplace with natural logs and black interior on stone hearth wall in living room.

No Fireplace in Your Home? Add One!

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can add one.

Voster home

Amazing Transformation: Gas Fireplace Upgrade

See how this family transformed their messy, energy-hogging masonry wood fireplace into a beautiful heat asset.

NDI30 gas insert

Photos Before and After: Gas Fireplace Insert Upgrade

Totally transformed! This relatively inexpensive project turned a messy wood fireplace into a beautiful heat asset.

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Top Five Greatest Songs about Fire

Fire is inspiring, so we can't help but sing about it...

Traditional gas fireplace with logs, live flames, glowing embers and brick interior is flush to the floor in white mantel.

Venting - What Type Do You Need?

Hearth product have certain venting requirements - read on to learn more.

Caliber nXt Gas Fireplace

Gas Fireplace: Before and After the Remodel

Go ahead. Replace that old dusty gas fireplace with a new model!

Novus nXt Gas Fireplace

Chases for Gas Fireplaces

There's more than one kind of chase - explained here!

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The Debate: Traditional or Contemporary Fireplace?

The styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum - traditional and contemporary. Here's some help for deciding what's right for you.

Image used for the history section. Women and dog by a fireplace.

Fireplace Evolution: A Look Back Over the Years

A look back at humble beginnings and the progression of fireplaces over the years.

TV over fireplace

Can I mount a TV over my fireplace

Answers to this burning question here.

Haunted House

Five of the Most Haunted Houses in America

Boo! It's Halloween and we're taking a blog tour of a few infamous haunted houses across the country.

Icon gas fireplace

A Fireplace Will Increase the Value of Your Home

One improvement that will undoubtedly increase a home's value is adding a fireplace or replacing an old one.

Crave 36 gas fireplace

Making the Healthy Hearth Choice

There's one big health decision people frequently don't consider: how to make sure your home's indoor air quality is safe.