Find out why the Allusion is a great addition to any home.

Adding the modern look of a fireplace to your home is easy and convenient with an electric fireplace. The SimpliFire Allusion by Heatilator is a perfect addition to any home. It’s ease of use, placement flexibility, efficiency and modern styling makes it a great addition to any space. “The look and flexibility of the Allusion is simply stunning,” says Joe Kuefler, brand marketing director at Heatilator. “The ability to install the fireplace recessed into the wall really creates an integrated and finished feel to the space.”


Keep reading and find out why you should add an Allusion to your home.


  1. Installation and design flexibility

    One of the greatest things about the Allusion is its flexibility. Depending on your style preference, it can be installed fully or partially recessed into the wall, or simply hung on the wall. That’s because there’s no venting required. It can be placed virtually anywhere in the home!


    Four flame color settings and 14 LED ember bed lighting themes create a unique and customizable ambiance with or without heat, so you can enjoy your fireplace year-round. The Allusion is also available in two widths—48 inches and 60 inches—to suit rooms big and small.

  2. Efficient and cost effective

    Heating a home can be costly, but the Allusion can make it more affordable. Warm up quickly and easily with 5,000 BTUs of heat with zone heating. All the while, it costs just pennies an hour to operate, so you can enjoy the ambiance and warmth as much as you’d like.


  3. Effortless operation

The Allusion’s ease of use makes operation quick, efficient and simple. Its intuitive remote control makes flame and heat control effortless, and simple touch controls located on the fireplace front provide even more convenience. LED flame technology delivers enhanced energy efficiency and maintenance-free enjoyment whenever you operate your fireplace.


Visit your local Heatilator dealer and check out the Allusion yourself!

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