Selecting a Fireplace

Birmingham 50 gray interior fireplace shown in living room

What is the Best Type of Fireplace for You

Learn how to navigate the different options to pick the perfect fireplace style, mantel and surround – the attractive frame around your fireplace. With help from the hearth experts at Heatilator®, the #1 preferred brand by homebuilders, you’ll find the best type and style of fireplace for you. 

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Fireplace Buying Checklist

Use this checklist to help find the right fireplace for your home.


4 Reasons to Rave about the Rave

Like watching TV? Enjoy looking at a beautiful fire, too? Thanks to new updates to the Rave, you can have them both: same place, same time.

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Why Home Buyers (and Sellers) Love Fireplaces

Research confirms: Fireplaces are top home feature, at any buyer age or income.

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Why a Fireplace?

7 reasons a fireplace belongs on your new-build bucket list.

Crave See-Through gas fireplace

What Makes Heatilator the Best Fireplace Brand for Homebuilders

Homebuilders trust Heatilator and here’s why.

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Five Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Fireplace

Our experts help you ask the right questions to make sure you get the perfect fireplace for your home.


Fireplace Buying Guide: Fireplace Installations Like Never Before

If you think you don’t have room for a fireplace, think again. The fireplaces of today allow for installation options you didn’t know were possible.

2018 Artisan Home Tour with Heirloom fireplace

So Much More than Heat: The Benefits of Owning a Fireplace

It’s true gas fireplaces do wonders to heat a space, but that’s just one reason to install a hearth.

Fireplace with power vent

Have Your Fire Wherever You’d Like!

Power Venting makes it possible to install a gas fireplace almost anywhere in the home. Here’s how…

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Is Your Home Hearthless? Add a Gas Fireplace!

No fireplace in your house? It’s easier than you might think to add one!

Crave 36 gas fireplace

Finally, Modern Luxury at an Affordable Price: Heatilator Crave Series

For years, only premium brands offered modern linear fireplaces, but Heatilator is changing that!

Spacious contemporary outdoor space with wood-burning fireplace in brick hearth and L-shaped casual seating.

News You Can Use: Trends in Outdoor Living

Thinking about making your outdoor space more livable? Read on…

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Heatilator Debuting Exciting New Products at D&C Week!

Here’s a glimpse into our new products being introduced at the show.

NDI30 gas insert

Upgrade with a Fireplace Insert

Most masonry open-burning wood fireplaces are only about 15% efficient. It's time to upgrade!

Twilight II Outdoor

The Twilight Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Offers the Best of Both Worlds

It’s possible to enjoy the fire of a single fireplace both inside and outside your home!

NDI35 gas insert

Buying a Fireplace Insert - Part 1 of 2

Here's how to turn your masonry wood fireplace into a heating powerhouse! Part 1. 

NDI35 gas insert

Buying a Fireplace Insert - Part 2 of 2

Here's how to turn your masonry-built wood fireplace into a heating powerhouse! Part 2.

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Five Fast Facts: Fireplaces

Know everything there is to know about fireplaces? Try us...

Rustic outdoor covered patio with nature views and traditional open gas fireplace in rough-faced brick.

There's a Fireplace for Every Room in the House

If you think fireplaces are only for the living room, think again.

Traditional gas fireplace with logs, live flames, glowing embers and brick interior is flush to the floor in white mantel.

Venting - What Type Do You Need?

Hearth product have certain venting requirements - read on to learn more.

NDI35 gas insert

Fireplace Insert Venting Simplified

Fireplace inserts require certain types of venting - read on to learn more.

NDI30 gas insert

Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace into a Gas Fireplace? Read this First

Wood-burning fireplaces can easily be converted to gas. Consider these options.

Heirloom gas fireplace

Thinking About Installing a Gas Fireplace? Ask Yourself These Five Questions...

Ensure you get the perfect fireplace for your home.

Rave Gas Fireplace

A Vented Gas Fireplace Has Many Benefits

With all the choices you have, it should be no problem finding a vented gas fireplace for your home.

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New! Power Vent Inline from HHT

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) is pleased to introduce the PVI-SLP Power Vent Inline for direct vent gas fireplaces.

NDI35 gas insert

Checklist: How to Select a Fireplace Insert

Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) recommendations when selecting a fireplace insert.

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Look to Gas Fireplaces for Home Heating Help

The wise use of gas fireplaces can significantly reduce a monthly heating bill.

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In the Market for a Fireplace?

Here are a few important elements to consider when shopping for a fireplace.