New options for fire style in the home.

If you like fireplaces, but country and traditional designs make you want to yawn, you should take a look at some of these super sleek, modern style gas fireplaces.

Today’s modern-contemporary style gas fireplaces offer simplistic beauty and elegance, as well as the warmth and ambiance you’ve come to expect from a fireplace. Inspired by European design, modern style fireplaces are available in many shapes, and with various options. Some are square, and many are linear in shape, showcasing a panoramic view of the flames that dance in unison with colored glass, shiny metal or other innovative materials like black onyx.

Placement is also being redefined, as modern style fireplaces are often positioned at eye level, evoking a living piece of fine art. Here are some great ones!

Novus Evolution

Rave 32

So, it’s possible for a fireplace to provide more than warmth and beauty in your home. It can also be a major focal point and expression of your contemporary design and style. Check out the options here.

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