Winter is almost over. Here are ideas for games to play fireside on these last cold winter nights.

The snow in the Northeast U.S. seems endless. The cold and wind continue to bite down on the Midwest. And even parts of the South have had unusually cold weather. We may complain about winter dragging on but, sadly, it doesn’t make it go away – so some fun family time around the fire is in order! Whether of the traditional or digital variety, games are always good for lifting spirits with a few laughs. Need some ideas? Allow us to help…

Board Games
Take a Risk. Build a Monopoly. Live Life. Say you’re Sorry. Pursue some trivia. There’s almost no end to the board games that can entertain your family on a cold night. Remember Apples to Apples (Jr.), Candyland and Operation – or those Hungry, Hungry Hippos? Dice games like Yahtzee, Farkle and Tenzi create an even playing field for players of all ages.

When was the last time you broke out your favorite game? You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.

Card Games
Think back to your childhood and you’ll likely remember playing lots of card games. Classics like cribbage are timeless – and a fun way to teach younger kids about numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. Many families have their go-to card game, whether it’s 500, Hearts, Hand and Foot, or Up and Down the River. All it takes is a deck or two (or three) to get a game going. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the “newer” card games introduced in the last 30 years, like Phase 10 or Uno, which have quickly become family favorites. Plus combination board/card games like the ever-popular Headbanz, Catchphrase, and Spot It are in a category all their own.

Digital Games
It’s a digital world, and games have gone digital, too. You’ll find some traditional games have even been adapted, whether on a gaming console or via a computer or a mobile app. Minecraft has become a favorite for many younger kids and their parents. And active games like Just Dance and Wii Sport will get the whole family moving and exercising while having fun!

There are so many game options for your family game night, you might wish winter would last a little longer. Really! Make a fire and give it a try. From all of us at Heatilator, stay warm and have some fun!

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