Your fireplace mantel is a major focal point. Here’s how to dress it up so it’s fabulous.

Fireplaces are significant points of interest in whatever room they reside – and they have a way of stealing center stage. This is why decorating your fireplace mantel can be so rewarding. Everyone notices your handiwork immediately upon entering the room.

Fireplace mantels are the perfect perch for your most prized décor items – those things that express your style or convey what’s important to you. Since a shelf mantel is a relatively small area, decorating it doesn’t take long, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make it magnificent.

New York interior designer Laurel Bern offers several solid principals for mantel design: the mantel should be a reflection of the room’s design, i.e. minimal room = minimal mantel; display what you love; don’t overcrowd – less is always more; and don’t make it overly symmetrical. You can read more from Laurel in her blog “20 Great Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas” here. Meanwhile, here are a few ideas the may spark your interest:

Keep it simple. Resist the urge to put everything you love on your mantel. A crowded mantel takes away from the fire, and looks cramped. In these examples, a few choice vases complement each other to make a colorful, straightforward statement of simplicity.

Illuminate it. During the holidays especially, you can illuminate your mantel design with mini lights or rope lights for a dramatic effect.

Make it personal. Your mantel is the perfect place to display items unique to your family, like artwork that you or your kids created, alongside family heirlooms and vintage photographs.

It’s all in a word. The mantel is the perfect perch to display prominent word art that expresses things important to you.

Prime mantel decorating season is almost here – the holidays! Get festive this year and Deck the Mantel.

Photo Credit: My Fireplace Mantel via photopin (license)

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